You made it to my website, great! Let me try to put everything that I do together.

First of all, I am a session bassist. You can hire me to write and record bass for your songs. You can find more information and examples of my work in the Online Sessions section.

I also write my own music. Emity Trap is my personal progressive metal project in which I play guitars, bass and piano. I am lucky enough to have like-minded musicians in my life to help me with it, otherwise nothing would ever come to completion. In 2019 I released the concept album “Night”. More information about that in the Music section.

Are you one of those people who care about lyrics and the meaning behind songs? Me too, that’s why I added the Lyrics section where you can read my lyrics and a full concept analysis of the album. I don’t know, some people might enjoy reading that, let me know if that’s you.

Here you can also find piano sheets from my solo piano releases that are not available anywhere else – this is the main reason why I created this website initially. 

And finally, I have a YouTube channel where I am not doing a great job at uploading content regularly but you can check it out for bass covers, lyric videos and more.




Here is a short bio written in third person for anyone who might find it useful:

Maria Kosma is a pianist, bassist and guitarist living in the South West UK. Emity Trap became her solo project in 2018, when no one else in her band (known then as Chiasmodon) liked the name ‘Emity Trap’. It is an outlet for her heavy prog metal and piano creations and even though the biggest part is written by her, nothing would have been finished without the help of her bandmates (and a couple of other beautiful friends) because she can’t do everything herself.

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