Exposed (epilogue) Lyrics


Exposed (epilogue)

Fine gold dust coats memories of the past
Willingly I shut out, banish from my thoughts
The path that brought me here, longing to walk
Its forgotten turmoil once again 

As I lay my entire selfdom upon this brazen altar
Familiar sentiments of warmth arise in your name

 Acknowledged yet denied
Impetuous yet controlled
Desired yet despised
Welcomed yet forlorn

This song is the final part of a longer song (hence epilogue), which has not been completed/recorded and almost certainly never will be. It was personal and writing it was therapeutic – it served its purpose and it was time to move on.

The lyrics are about the subjectivity of our memories and how they change over time; we end up forgetting the details and we can’t see them as they actually happened anymore. As if covered in gold dust, the more we try to look at them, the more blinded we get by the reflected light and we are ready to go through the same mistakes and sacrifice ourselves.

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