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Did you know that you can hire me to write and record bass for your songs? 

Music is my life and as much as I like writing my own stuff, I always enjoy working on something new (and not necessarily metal) so I am offering my services as an online session bassist. I have already worked with so many wonderful musicians and completed over 100 songs, from pop and funk to hard rock and all kinds of metal. I have only had 5-star reviews and everyone was as pleased as I was with the result every time. It’s very refreshing and rewarding!

Just check my Airgigs, Fiverr or SoundBetter profiles! I offer discounts for multiple songs and a bunch of extra services as well, including video recordings and tabs/scores.

I am a Top Rated Studio Pro on Airgigs and I currently have a “fiverr’s choice” badge on fiverr.


I started as a pianist when I was 8 and I taught myself to play the guitar when I discovered rock and roll at 13. A few years after that, bass became my passion which until now (maaany years later) I call my “main” instrument.

I’ve been playing bass in rock and metal bands for over 15 years and I have tons of recording experience. I also have a music theory degree from my classical piano training years. I generally play with my fingers but I’ll use a pick if it makes the song sound better.

Genres: metal, rock, pop. Slapping, tapping, weird time signatures, not a problem.

Some of the customer reviews on Airgigs

What people say?

Is a cool bass line missing from your song? I can be your online session bassist!

Give me a go 🙂 


I also recently signed up on SoundBetter. You can hire me there too.

Maria K, Bass Electric on SoundBetter

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