Georgia Kalatha – Vocals

Georgia has studied jazz vocals and has been splitting her time between rock, metal and jazz bands since 2006. We met back in 2007 at our university’s music group in Greece, where we formed a band for a couple of years, playing rock/metal covers (I still remember that first time we performed “My immortal” by Evanescence in front of what must have been about 2,000 people at our campus).

Fast forward to late 2017, the concept album idea had started to form in my head and I had written some of the piano parts, wondering who was the ideal female singer with a melodic, enchanting voice to be the Night. The first person I thought of was Georgia, we got back in touch, we met to record soon after (we had both moved to the UK by that point) and the rest is history!

This is the first song we ever released together, Exposed (epilogue).

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